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Why can’t I request a custom URL or disable the browser back button in Chrome? [closed]

I had already done research on this topic but i was not fully satisfied with the answer . I knew that for some security reason browser is not allowing user to disable browser back or to make browser back URL customization . And I also got some solution how can we forcefully disable browser back and it worked but There are some cases it does not works.Its OK we can work on that flow but I wanted to know If there is any other logical Answer for why we cannot do this action?
If you are also facing the same problem on disabling the browser back button I can post answer that worked for me so let me know .


The reason, browser manufacturers don’t want programmers being able to do such things is, they always want to provide the best user experience. Because in the end, the user decides, which browser he will install. If a browser allows to do such trickery on websites, the users will move on to other browsers. There might be cases, where such a function could be useful, but it can be exploited of course (trying to keep the user on a website he wants to leave, etc.).