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What is the difference between src, public, and build in folder structure?

I know what these files contain like build contains the minified file which is minified from src file. I need to know how browser works with it. I haven’t uploaded my build file to hosting service yet my website got rendered. In the website, <script> SRC was linked to build but there was no build uploaded but a build was created automatically. this behaviour was observed in svelte. But I hope all framework does the same.


From the Vercel documentation found here “Vercel tries to automatically detect the frontend framework you’re using for your project and configure the project settings for you. If you’d like to override the settings or specify a different framework, you can do so from the Build & Development Settings section.” So Vercel did automatically make a build folder for you. This is ok, because you should always use npm run build to create your build folder and point your hosting to use this folder for production.