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Tag: xpath

Integrating regex in selenium xpath?

Hello I just start using selenium with java framework : I have this case : I need to count all the check boxes in my view which contains multiple pages (1,2,3) and in each web page i have a bunch of check boxes with the same xpath with different number see the exemple below: xpath fir the second checkbox in

Scrapy Python can‘t extract links with more stable xpath

I‘m Building a scraper for this website. I‘m using Python and scrapy Shell to extract the data that I want: xpath would be: //a[@class=“sb-card sb-card-company site-1×1 with-hover]/@href“ Using response.xpath(‘//a[@class=“sb-card sb-card-company site-1×1 with-hover]/@href“‘ returns [] I tried using contains(@class,“sb-card-company“) with the same result. Using other containers in the same way, changed nothing. Using a different page also had no effect. Using

How to get dynamic numbers using xpath?

How do I get dynamically changing numbers in the span block ? Method: I can’t figure out how to do this. My method xpatch which returns the value: How can I get dynamically changing numbers in such blocks for further comparison? Answer byRaetUSD is a webelement you should call getText to get the text or you can call if element