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Tag: wordpress

Issues when using WordPress rewrite rules then accessing parameter using get_query_var

I’m developing a WP plugin and have a WordPress URL: (e.g.: http://localhost/testsite1/coder/?id=66), and have attempted to add a rewrite rule to http://localhost/testsite1/coder/66/ using the following rule: I have registered a WP Query Var using: but when at URL http://localhost/testsite1/coder/66/, when I run code echo get_query_var(‘id’); nothing is displayed however when at URL http://localhost/testsite1/coder/?id=66 the echo statement will display 66. What

Multiple IDs rule in php code WooCommerce

I’m simply trying to make this php code work with multiple IDs Trying this doesn’t work – What’s the correct formatting? Answer Try this. Learn about in_array here : Keep adding items in $ids as required.

Calculate and update product price in cart – WooCommerce

I’m creating a WooCommerce (Version 5.6.0) site where users can buy foam products and the prices are calculated on the archive page. Basically, the users enter the dimensions and the price is calculated based on a formula. I’m currently struggling with updating the prices in cart, I don’t have previous experience in customizing the products and prices at this level,