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Tag: tsql

How to get NULL or Zero values in SQL Server results set

Trying to get the output of all mentioned accounts(total of 9) even though there are no existing records for the GB.periode = 11 Tried using ISNULL(SUM(GB.bdr_val), 0) but still I’m only getting output for GB.reknr = 5210 OR GB.reknr = 5211 OR GB.reknr = 5250 OR GB.reknr = 5340. I have a sample DB layout below, I still need the

SQL Generate per day records between dates

I have a table that where each record has start and end dates. I need to return a record for each day between start and end date fields (including the start and end dates). Using MS SQL Server. Example: Current data Data required: Looking for recommendations. Thanks. Answer You can use recursive cte :