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Tag: sql

Postgres duplicate column based on value in column

I’ve the following table in postgresql id product customer price amount 1 Television Alfred 12.00 1 2 Radio Richard 20.00 3 3 Mobile Richard 40.00 5 Is there some way via SQL to duplicate the line n-times in case the amount is greater than one? This is how the table should look like after running the query: id product customer

Microsoft SQL Server Streak Counter

I have data in the following format: ID Period Date 1 1 2020-09-05 1 2 2020-10-01 1 3 2020-10-30 2 2 2020-10-01 2 4 2020-12-05 2 6 2021-02-05 3 1 2020-09-05 I want to calculate a streak grouping by both ID and period. The first date instance for each group should start at one, and if the date in the

How to get NULL or Zero values in SQL Server results set

Trying to get the output of all mentioned accounts(total of 9) even though there are no existing records for the GB.periode = 11 Tried using ISNULL(SUM(GB.bdr_val), 0) but still I’m only getting output for GB.reknr = 5210 OR GB.reknr = 5211 OR GB.reknr = 5250 OR GB.reknr = 5340. I have a sample DB layout below, I still need the