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Tag: selenium

I can’t add cookies on python selenium webdriver

I’m trying to enter a page and then add cookies on it, but it returns an error and I don’t know why. I did it exactly like is written on the selenium docs, and here is the code i used: And it returns selenium.common.exceptions.InvalidArgumentException: Message: invalid argument: missing ‘name’. I already thought that it could be the code trying to

Integrating regex in selenium xpath?

Hello I just start using selenium with java framework : I have this case : I need to count all the check boxes in my view which contains multiple pages (1,2,3) and in each web page i have a bunch of check boxes with the same xpath with different number see the exemple below: xpath fir the second checkbox in

I am very new to scraping please bear with me and this is my 1st project. I am trying to scrape a site using selenium

website I’m scraping label image I was not able to print the radio buttons label according to checked button. I don’t know what is the mistake and where I did it. could anyone help on this. It will be helpful for me to learn. Change tariff links given below links, Answer You are trying to find element within an

How to get dynamic numbers using xpath?

How do I get dynamically changing numbers in the span block ? Method: I can’t figure out how to do this. My method xpatch which returns the value: How can I get dynamically changing numbers in such blocks for further comparison? Answer byRaetUSD is a webelement you should call getText to get the text or you can call if element