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Tag: postgresql

Postgres duplicate column based on value in column

I’ve the following table in postgresql id product customer price amount 1 Television Alfred 12.00 1 2 Radio Richard 20.00 3 3 Mobile Richard 40.00 5 Is there some way via SQL to duplicate the line n-times in case the amount is greater than one? This is how the table should look like after running the query: id product customer

postgresql – condition met in a time interval

I have the following table and I want to create the condition_met column. The condition_met column is my expected output. Condition_met is TRUE when type_id = 34 and within 5 seconds after this type_id, the client_id of type_id = 34 becomes also prospect_id. To say it differently: for each type_id = 34 the client_id that performed action type_id = 34

Calculating win streak from list of fixtures

I have a table fixtures with a list of matches played between two players in each, identified by their ID. I’m trying to use the table to calculate rolling winning/losing streaks for each player, but I’ve been having issues with my query below (see more on SQL Fiddle): Below is the desired result, with records partitioned by player_id and ordered

How to insert result of select query (with default if return no rows) as part of Postgres Function?

For my Nextjs website, I am configuring the backend to automatically add user information to a public.profiles table whenever a row is inserted into the auth.users table (automatically done through Supabase’s authentication). I have a public.college_emails table that contains the names of over 1700 colleges and the email tag associated with them. When a user creates an account with their