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Tag: node.js

Jest command not recognized

So i just started learning about Test Driven Developement and as an example i was asked to run the command npm test helloWorld.spec.js in the terminal but i got this error : I’m working on windows and the only thing i have installed is node so what do i have to do? Answer Choose one of the following methods 1)

Slack API upload string as file

I have a sting variable of a csv. I want to upload it to a slack channel as a .csv file, not as text. This code returns: error: ‘no_file_data’, Changing content to file gives the same response. What do I have to do to convert the csv sting into a file that can be uploaded? I can’t use fs to

How to make this case insensitive

I’m not sure how I can use .toLowerCase() to make my discord command case insensitive this should be simple but I’m really new to this Answer In your handler where you check for the message content in the message event Have this done Eg: if(message.content.toLowerCase() === cmdName) return;

How do I get the same parent result regardless of the order of children being queried? (One to Many)

I’m building a chat with private rooms. What I’m trying to do is find a room that two users belong too. If there isn’t one create one. Chat Schema Query Controller The problem I’m having The order of the auth and receiver changes depending who is logged in and produces a different query result for chat. For example: Example One

how to edit the response fields in node-soap

I have the following WSDL definition: and the following handler definition: Currently, when receiving the following request: it returns: But I want the response to look like: I have tried different approaches but none to seem to have effect on the response type. I feel like I am missing something in the WSDL or the handler.. Answer Omit the RPC