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Tag: jquery

Code Executing on Page Load instead of OnClick

I have a code that gets executed on page load twice, despite adding the code to the ‘Click’ command. I have placed the code ‘alert(“Testing”);’ within the portion of the code pertaining to ‘click(function(evt)’ – grateful if someone can advise if I misunderstood the functionality of this method, as I assumed code within the subsequent brackets would only execute on

The value of my variable is changing In another file

I got this varible: My problem is that the user can change the value in #box. So it contains x different li:s then my var things is not set anymore. How do I change this var? var things is in my index.php file. The place where the user changes the #box is in my change.php file, so I think It’s

search autocomplete ajax in laravel

I am using ajax for live searching, but the problem is that It is shown only one result when I am using .html() but when I am using append() it works but every word i write it to duplicate the results, here is my code: in controller, ajax code in blade Answer Yes you set your content in your loop

How to add a decimal to jQuery animated counter?

I have an animated jquery counter that’s working fine, but I want to change the end number to a decimal number. So at the moment it’s counting up to 54000, but I want it to give me 54,000. How do I do this? jsfiddle is here Answer Try to use Number.prototype.toLocaleString(). Replace $this.text(this.countNum); with $this.text(this.countNum.toLocaleString());