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fleissner grille javascript

Can I use a function that allows me to get the hidden message? If so, could you enlighten me, how can I do it? Using fleissner grille 6 x 6, decipher the hidden message: “lróaon. sg kiomamii”. For this, it must be rotated 90° clockwise. The open grids are at positions [1,1],[4,1],[2,2],[6,2],[5,3],[1,4],[4,4],[ 3,5],[6,5] for the grid in initial position

Javascript – What is alternative to find function?

I am using find () function for one of my project. Official document says that Internet Explorer is not supported. What else can I use? Answer A polyfill is a code that provides the functionality that you normally expect the browser to provide you natively. Here is the polyfill for Array.find

Jest command not recognized

So i just started learning about Test Driven Developement and as an example i was asked to run the command npm test helloWorld.spec.js in the terminal but i got this error : I’m working on windows and the only thing i have installed is node so what do i have to do? Answer Choose one of the following methods 1)

ele = document.querySelector(el) for multiple instances of el

I have a swipe detection function detectswipe(el, func) that listens for data-animate=”swipe” and runs the function swipe(el, d) when swiped on mobile. The problem is it only runs on the first instance of data-animate=”swipe” and not every instance. How do I change my code to run on every instance of data-animate=”swipe”? Answer To boil it down to the basics: Event

setting width, height via setAttribute for a grid of divs – Etch-a-sketch. Style resets when hovered over

I’m quite new to coding. I’m coding an Etch-a-sketch (via the Odin Project). Basically, it consists of a grid, which when hovered over, the boxes of the grid will change to a random color. (the container is supposed to keep the same dimensions) Upon loading the page, it starts with a basic grid of 16×16 boxes. The user also has