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Tag: html

Transition from right to left

I want my div on the right to transition from right to left, and the div on the left to transition from left to right. The one on the left is naturally moving from left to right but how do I get the one the right to move from right to left. This is the code that I have used.

Why a div overlays above other?

I’ve kept a Javascript function printthis() for printing purpose that prints everything in the div id printthis except what is given with the class d-print-none. The code works fine in the opening page, the page before printing. But upon clicking print, the page takes wrong alignment, means the table head appears in between 2 address divs like in the below

javascript form not validating fields

I’m trying to validate a form via javascript onSubmit, then run the php captcha verfication and email send action. The problem is that every time I try to check the fields, I can see just one of them highlited with my CSS classes (seems to be related to the ‘return false;’ which blocks me). Anyone has a clue? Here’s my