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Fill in empty value in dictionary based on matching value in separate dictionary (Python)

I am trying to output a dictionary that fills in values already defined by another dictionary. The values that have not been defined return false. However my output is not the order it should be in. Code: Output: The Output I am looking for (in the ‘Direction’ key): Answer Since you enumerate through longRoute first, the order of subRoute[‘Direction’] will

I am getting an error while i am running a function in pandas dataframe.I am getting invalid syntax for the first line of the function

def revised_price(engine-location,price): if engine-location==front: updated_price== price else: updated_price== 2*price return new_profit df[‘updated_price’] = df.apply(lambda x: revised_price(x[‘engine-location’], x[‘price’]),axis=1) Please find the error that i am getting File “”, line 1 def revised_price(engine-location,’price): ^ SyntaxError: invalid syntax Answer You didn’t follow naming convention here You can’t name inside a function like engine-location , instead rename it to engine_location, and also instead of

global React functions that utilize hooks

I have a function called scheduleShortcut that gets used in a couple places throughout an application. Initially, this function was local to the specific components but since it is being used multiple times, I want to refactor this function into a global function. At first, I tried to do the following: However, when I do this, I get an error

Python Function parameters and arguments

I want to understand functions and arguments better, I’ve read and this is my implementation of what I have read. I have 3 small functions to illustrate my point. User input collection, grading function and main. If I run the main function without its argument (1), it results in an error looking for the argument. I know that I declared