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Fill in empty value in dictionary based on matching value in separate dictionary (Python)

I am trying to output a dictionary that fills in values already defined by another dictionary. The values that have not been defined return false. However my output is not the order it should be in. Code: Output: The Output I am looking for (in the ‘Direction’ key): Answer Since you enumerate through longRoute first, the order of subRoute[‘Direction’] will

How to find the values of a key in a nested list of dictionaries in Python

This is my data structure. I have 3000 instances of ‘product’ within the ‘clothes list’. Each contains another list of dictionaries that stores the reviews. I am attempting to iterate through all the reviews in the dictionary and return all the reviews written by a particular username. My Two attempts below output the same error. The Error TypeError: list indices

Pop or Delete a Dictionary item from list

I have this list of dictionary items. I want to delete a specific dictionary entry from the list by comparing it with a dictionary item I have a variable I would like to do, To get, Answer It seems that you are trying to delete a tuple of items. Your to_delete is actually a tuple of dictionaries, so to delete