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Tag: dataframe

df.explode() function not working in python

I am facing a weird issue, I have a column name ‘window’ in a data frame and it has a list of values i.e., [3,9,45,78]. I am trying to explode this column using df.explode(‘window’) but this is doing no job. datatype of ‘window’ column is object. I have checked my pandas version it is – 1.3.4 dataframe example Answer Remember

Logical with count in Pyspark

I’m new to Pyspark and I have a problem to solve. I have a dataframe with 4 columns, being customers, person, is_online_store and count: customer PersonId is_online_store count afabd2d2 4 true 1 afabd2d2 8 true 2 afabd2d2 3 true 1 afabd2d2 2 false 1 afabd2d2 4 false 1 I need to create according to the following rules: If PersonId count(column)

When do I need to use a GeoSeries when creating a GeoDataFrame, and when is a list enough?

I define a polygon: and create a list of random points: I want to know which points are within the polygon. I create a GeoDataFrame with a column called points, by first converting the points list to GeoSeries: Then simply do: which returns a pandas.core.series.Series of booleans, indicating which points are within the polygon. However, if I don’t create the