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Tag: database

Creating new column from existing column with condition SQL

I need help with one table name as Employee. Table employee consist of four columns “ID” “salary”, “position” and “cumulative_salary” . Position consist of senior and junior status and there salary are in different range. I want to add another column from salary column named as “salary_range”. Now condition for my salary range column is if someone salary lies between

How can I access a SQL file while using python?

Right now I’m using Microsoft SQL Community to start a database, but for some reason I can’t command the server to do something that I want, is there any to use the library sqlite3 or pyodc to print a value that I want on the console? PYTHON: SQL: Answer sqlite3 talks to SQLite databases. If you want to talk to

Query monitoring changes in the field

I need to program a query where I can see the changes that certain fields have undergone in a certain date period. Example: From the CAM_CONCEN table bring those records where the ACCOUNT_NUMBER undergoes a modification in the CONCTACT field in a period of 6 months before the date. I would be grateful if you can guide me. Answer You

how can I join multiple columns on two table in sql

I have two table like below how can I get all the information in table test_info and the name of the buyer AND the name of seller from the test_user table in the same statement? would just give me a seller or buyer but i would like to get the result for both Answer You must join 2 copies of