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Tag: css

Transition from right to left

I want my div on the right to transition from right to left, and the div on the left to transition from left to right. The one on the left is naturally moving from left to right but how do I get the one the right to move from right to left. This is the code that I have used.

Why a div overlays above other?

I’ve kept a Javascript function printthis() for printing purpose that prints everything in the div id printthis except what is given with the class d-print-none. The code works fine in the opening page, the page before printing. But upon clicking print, the page takes wrong alignment, means the table head appears in between 2 address divs like in the below

Dropdown on click doing nothing

I am just starting JS, so this may be a stupid question. I want to make a dropdown, where if you pick one option the related paragraph would be visible. I didn’t really know how to start this so I created the cars function to make the “e38value” paragraph visible when clicking the e38 button, but nothing happens when I

querySelectorAll selects all similar classes

Calendar is using 3 different classes to style its child elements: “old day”, “day”, “new day”. Trying to querySelectorAll element with class name “day” also captures the other two classes, so when i say something like: I will get click on old 28th instead of current month 28th. How do i select “day” class of td element without also selecting