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Tag: arrays

fleissner grille javascript

Can I use a function that allows me to get the hidden message? If so, could you enlighten me, how can I do it? Using fleissner grille 6 x 6, decipher the hidden message: “lróaon. sg kiomamii”. For this, it must be rotated 90° clockwise. The open grids are at positions [1,1],[4,1],[2,2],[6,2],[5,3],[1,4],[4,4],[ 3,5],[6,5] for the grid in initial position

Creating 3d Tensor Array from 2d Array (Python)

I have two numpy arrays (4×4 each). I would like to concatenate them to a tensor of (4x4x2) in which the first ‘sheet’ is the first array, second ‘sheet’ is the second array, etc. However, when I try np.stack the output of d[1] is not showing the correct values of the first matrix. Answer If you do np.dstack((x, y)), which

Share an array between threads in java

I’m currently working on my own little boardgame and came across a problem with multithreading. I have one thread that renders the board and one that supplies the data to render. The supply thread writes his data to one array and then the renderer takes this data and renders it on the screen (The render thread never writes something to