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whats is the best/fastest way to upload images from android to mysql?

whats is the best/fastest way to upload images from android to mysql? the problem that im having that uploading images encoded in base46 that it takes almost 10sec and after 3 or 4 uploads using bitmap the app crashes sometimes because bitmap other because of the encoded images on old android phone.. right now im using ION but i guess

How to download and save Bitmap of animated webp?

When I am using webp files for animated sticker packs it get rejected but if use same files for static stickers it get excepted. After looking all the codes I came to know that this is the last point where those files becomes problematic. But don not know how to identify if webp files stays as animated webp after saving.

Getting the Activity inside Adapter in Android

I am trying to access the activity on which my Imageview is, so I can use the URL of an Image of type SVG and display it to the user using the GlideToVectorYou library. But when I try to get access to the activity using R.layout.activityname, a syntax error appears. this is the code that I’m using Thank you! Answer

How to fix the Issue with replacing AsyncTask to connect socket?

I’m trying to use This approach(Marked Answer) to replace my code with AsyncTask to make connection between user in android and server, And here’s what I’ve done : Note: I’m not using any specific pattern, just trying to achieve this goal on a basic structure. MainActivity : ClientConnection : ConnectionTask : ConnectionRunningTask: So base on the above code I’ll try

android firebase start listing data equal to entered letter

There is a problem with the list inside the “if” it doesn’t work I get an error this:java.lang.ClassCastException: java.lang.String cannot be cast to java.util.List Answer You are getting the following error: java.lang.ClassCastException: java.lang.String cannot be cast to java.util.List” In the second if statement, because the type of the “name” field in the database is String and not a List, hence

React native ANDROID build fails with error in varargs mismatch; ApplicationPackage cannot be converted to Package

I was using depcheck to uninstall unused modules from my project. I following three packages along with a few others that i installed during development. expo-status-bar expo-updates expo-splash-screen however after doing so, i encountered few errors during build, and thus i reinstalled these packages. but now I’m facing this error. I am sure that expo-application is installed Here is the

Dynamic buttons look different than static buttons

I have a layout problem. In my XML, I have some static buttons: So this is a list of buttons and I would like to add some further buttons dynamically. This is how I do it: And this is how they look like: I am missing the spaces between the dynamic buttons. It looks like the buttons have been added