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Reverting overridden String prototype

I have an overridden String.prototype in my javascript window.

window.String.prototype.toUpperCase = ()=>{return "overridden"}

I have a reference to an iframe window that hasn’t been touched, and I want to use it to create a new string without the overridden functions:

// prints "overridden"

How do I create a new string without the overridden functions?

For overridden Array.prototype using a fresh iframe works but not for String.

// that works - prints - [1,2,3]


I know it shouldn’t be done. I am asking how it can be fixed in the situation in which another 3rd party library did it.


The problem is that iframe.contentWindow.String("newstring") just returns a string, the same primitive string that String("newstring") or just "newstring" do evaluate to. When accessing a method on that string, the String.prototype from the current realm is used, which has the broken toUpperCase.

You would need to create an instance to get a string object that inherits from the iframe’s String.prototype:

const stringObj = new iframe.contentWindow.String("newstring");

However, it’s easier to just restore the method:

String.prototype.toUpperCase = iframe.contentWindow.prototype.toUpperCase;