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Remove logging the origin line in Jest

Jest has this feature to log the line that outputs to console methods.

In some cases, this can become annoying:

  console.log _modules/log.js:37
  ℹ login.0 screenshot start
  console.time _modules/init.js:409
  login.0.screenshot: 0.33ms
  console.time _modules/init.js:394
  0 | login.0: 0.524ms
  console.log _modules/log.js:37
  ℹ login.1 screenshot start

Any idea how I can turn it off?


With Jest 24.3.0 or higher, you can do this in pure TypeScript by adding the following to a Jest setup file configured in setupFilesAfterEnv:

import { CustomConsole, LogType, LogMessage } from '@jest/console';
function simpleFormatter(type: LogType, message: LogMessage): string {
    const TITLE_INDENT = '    ';
    return message
        .map(line => CONSOLE_INDENT + line)
global.console = new CustomConsole(process.stdout, process.stderr, simpleFormatter);