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Recursion, pass function as an argument

I want to run a function certain amount of times using recursion, for example: repeat(console.log('Hello'), 3) should print Hello 3 times. I tried to implement such function but it prints only one word Hello.

function repeat(w, x){
        let fun = function(arg){
            return arg
        if (x==1){
            return fun(w)
            return fun(w)+repeat(fun(w), x-1)
  repeat(console.log('Hello'), 3)


A few mistakes in your code:

  1. You’re not passing the function as an argument.
  2. You don’t need to use + to make two functions run after each other. From your original snippet I infer that you’re only concerned about the side effects, not the values. So you can just call the functions individually.

It could look something like this:

  function repeat(fun, x) {
   if(x < 1) return; // we ran out of attempts, terminate
   fun(); // side-effect (print to console)
   repeat(fun, x - 1); // decrement the counter and attempt to continue
repeat(function() { console.log("hello")}, 3);