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print chosen method of scipy.optimize.minimize

This is a short question, but google points me every time to the documentation where I can’t find the answer.

I am using scipy.optimize.minimize. It works pretty good, all things are fine. I can define a method to use, but it works even if I don’t specify the method.

Is there any way to get an output, which method was used? I know the result class, but the method isn’t mentioned there.

Here’s an example:

solution = opt.minimize(functitionTOminimize,initialGuess,

I could set the value method to something like slsqp or cobyla, but I want to see what the program is choosing. How can I get this information?


According to the scipy-optimize-minimize-docs: If no method is specified the default choice will be one of BFGS, L-BFGS-B, SLSQP, depending on whether the problem has constraints or bounds. To get more details on the methods deployement’s order, you should take a look at the scipy-optimize-minimize-source-code-line-480. From the source code the order is the following:

if method is None:
    # Select automatically
    if constraints:
        method = 'SLSQP'
    elif bounds is not None:
        method = 'L-BFGS-B'
        method = 'BFGS'