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Prevent moveend event being fired in Leaflet after setView

I have a simple question that has me stumped:

In a Leaflet application, I have an event listener for clicking elements on the map:

marker.on('click', function () {

However, the setView method also triggers a ‘map moved’ event, which I do not want to fire. Using either plain JavaScript or jQuery, can I prevent any other event from firing while inside the click event function?

Edit: now with a Fiddle! To use it, just click anywhere on the map. As you can see, e.stopPropagation() does not work when placed inside the click event listener.


I don’t believe you can prevent moveend being fired. (NB: these aren’t jQuery events – Leaflet has its own internal event system.) This is the source for setView:

setView: function (center, zoom) {
    zoom = zoom === undefined ? this.getZoom() : zoom;
    this._resetView(L.latLng(center), this._limitZoom(zoom));
    return this;

_resetView always fires moveend at the end:

_resetView: function (center, zoom, preserveMapOffset, afterZoomAnim) {
    var zoomChanged = (this._zoom !== zoom);
    if (!afterZoomAnim) {'movestart');
        if (zoomChanged) {
    ...'moveend', {hard: !preserveMapOffset});

You could investigate customizing these functions to allow for suppression of the event.


Alternatively, you could change your moveend event handler. Have it track a flag, which you set when you don’t want the normal operations to happen.

For example, you’ll have set up your handler similar to:

map.on('moveend', myHandler);

Have myHandler do something like:

function myHandler(e) {
    if (stopFlag) {
    else {
        // Normal operation

Then just enable and disable stopFlag to control the flow. The advantage of this is that you don’t have to publish a custom version of Leaflet with your application.