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Oracle Apex opening a column link in interactive report?

I have column link in an interactive report. This column link should run an sql query which supposed to return an external URL so I want to open in a new tab/page. How can I do that?

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Somehow with a dynamic action? ..but I cannot make dynamic actions for columns furthermore I should query the data from the table-column.

Thank you!


From my point of view, your current column link should not run any query. What it should & could do is to call a function which returns URL. Something like this:

select id,
       f_url(parameters, go, here) url   --> this
from some_table
where ...

How to do it?

A dummy function; mine returns link to Google. Yours would return something different.

create or replace function f_url return varchar2 is
  return '';

In Apex, interactive report’s query looks like this; note the URL column which composes a HTML tag to URL returned by the function I previously created:

select deptno, dname, loc,
  '<a href="' || f_url || '" target="_blank">click here</a>' url
from dept

URL column’s properties:

  • type: plain text (not a link!)
  • escape special characters: No (otherwise, instead of a link you’ll see plain text)

Run the page; result is

When you click on “click here”, a new tab – with the Google search page – will be opened.