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nextjs api not working when fetching through isomorphic-unfetch

Im not getting my data (notes) inside the props, it is giving undefined when im using console.log(notes).
My backend api is also in the same project in /pages/api/notes/index.js
The api which im calling is ‘http://localhost:3000/api/notes’

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Even my api is working fine when im testing it on postman. But on the frontend, data isnt available

enter image description here

Please checkout this issue.


I believe that you simply have a typo. Index.getinitialProps should be Index.getInitialProps. Note that the “i” in initial is capitalized.

Also as a tip, you don’t explicitly need http://localhost:3000, if you just call it with /api/notes it will correctly resolve the request. That way when you deploy the app you don’t have to go back and make a ton of changes for your data fetches.