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My Discord.js Bot welcome message suddenly stopped working

so I made a Discord bot, the welcome message was working for the first 3 months or so but suddenly it stopped working, can I asks why? I had been searching as to why it does not work but I couldn’t find why. Thank You before.

client.on('guildMemberAdd', member => {
    const channel = member.guild.channels.find(
        ch => === '•chat-kalem•'
    const redirch = => === "•rules•");
    channel.send(`Welcome, ${member}! Please read the ${redirch} first.`);


Hey there your issue is because of recent gateway changes of the Discord Api that you need to enable the intents here is a fix for you –

  • Head over to Discord Developers Portal
  • Choose your application
  • Inside the bot section if yiu scroll a little bit down , you will see a section named Privileged Gateway Intents
  • Enable the SERVER MEMBERS INTENT and restart the bot and your bot will start recieving the guildMemberAdd event!

Learn more about intents at Discord.js