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Meteor server throws error with Accounts.addEmail() in a meteor method

I need help figuring out why I am getting this error.

My method is defined in app/server/methods.js

    myMethod: function(user) {
        Accounts.addEmail(user._id, "[email protected]", true); // set verified to true

My template has an event that is calling this method from the client.{
    'click #this-button': function(e) {"myMethod", userObject, function(error, result) {
            if (error) {
            } else {
                // do something here

I keep getting an Internal Server Error [500] error back to the console. When I check my server output it says: Exception while invoking method 'myMethod' TypeError: Object #<Object> has no method 'addEmail'.

Can anyone help me figure out why it can’t be found/used?

These are the list of packages I am using, and I thought this came packaged with the accounts-password package according to the Meteor Documentation here.

meteor-platform iron:core iron:router less zimme:iron-router-active tomi:upload-server tomi:upload-jquery houston:admin coffeescript alanning:roles edgee:slingshot joshowens:accounts-entry mystor:device-detection underscore email accounts-password


If I’m reading the commit history correctly, it looks like addEmail was added here as part of meteor 1.2.

The docs always reference the latest version, but your app is using version 1.1, which explains the missing function.

The solution may be as simple as running meteor update, however accounts-entry is ancient and it may be incompatible with meteor 1.2, as noted in this issue.

If you can’t or don’t want to update, just leave a comment and I can suggest an alternative implementation.