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JS How to test if a string is only an abbreviation?

Any JS Regex expert that could help me return true if the word is only an abbreviation or else false?

Tried this regex.


But it also returns true for strings like.

  • A..
  • A.B
  • B.BA..
  • Greg D. Bot

I’m trying to formulate a regex that could only return true for the following:

  • A.B.
  • A.B.C.
  • A.B.C.D.

And so on..


Dubious definitions of what counts as an abbreviation aside, the rules are need are:

  • Anchored to start of string
  • Anchored to end of string
  • Matches a exactly 1 letter followed by a period any one or more times



There’s no need for it to be global (because you want the entire string to match, not to find matches anywhere inside a string), and there’s no need to say {1} because that is the default.