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Javascript Equivalent to PHP Explode()

I have this string:


I need this string:


With PHP I would do this:

$str = '0000000020C90037:TEMP:data';
$arr = explode(':', $str);
$var = $arr[1].':'.$arr[2];

How do I effectively explode a string in JavaScript the way it works in PHP?


This is a direct conversion from your PHP code:

//Loading the variable
var mystr = '0000000020C90037:TEMP:data';
//Splitting it with : as the separator
var myarr = mystr.split(":");
//Then read the values from the array where 0 is the first
//Since we skipped the first element in the array, we start at 1
var myvar = myarr[1] + ":" + myarr[2];
// Show the resulting value
// 'TEMP:data'