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Is there a way to add tooltip to text in a Discord bot message?

It’s the first time I’m writing a Discord bot, decided to go with the Discord.js module. One of my goals involved adding tooltips to certain words in a sentence so that the user can mouseover the word and get additional information.

The only idea I had after searching for an hour was using an embed message and using markdown to title a fake hyperlink. For exemple, if I wanted the word “tomato” to hint “Is a fruit” I’d write it as [tomato](javascript:; “Is a fruit”).

This wouldn’t have been too elegant but it would have worked, but it seems that setting the href to javascript:; or # is blocked. So using this method I’d be forced to provide a valid href which makes the hyperlink clickable.

I couldn’t find anyone asking for this or any other leads on achieving this, is there another way to get tooltips in embed discord messages or is this an impossible endeavor?


I am a JDA Developer of a bot, but these things are the same!

It is impossible because discord on itself hasnĀ“t even a tooltip option.

But you can make a link with these information’s what you want to tooltip
the user, it is a little complicated but it would be a thing.

I hope it clarified your question.