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How to make Discord Bot make sure your pinging someone in a command

I’m trying to make the bot say the name of someone I pinged and give that person a role. Right now, if you don’t ping someone, the whole bot breaks.

Here is my code:

const taggedUser0 = msg.mentions.members.first();
if (!args.length) {`You didn't ping, ${}!`);
  msg.delete(); // Deletes command
} else if (msg.member.roles.holds(role)) {
    // checks if the person mentioned already has a role
  } else {
    taggedUser0.roles.add(role); // adds role
  msg.delete(); // Deletes command


I see a few problems with your code:

First of all, else if() will always return an error.

if (false) console.log(false)
else if () console.log(true) // wrong usage

if (false) console.log(false)
else console.log(true) // correct usage

Second of all, you should switch this if statement:

if (!args.length)
// to:
if (!taggedUser0)

Someone could have added an arg and still not have mentioned anyone.

Third of all, GuildMember.roles returns a Manager, not a Collection, so make sure you pass through the cache property:


Also, Collection.holds() is not a function. Instead, use Collection.has() (and make sure the passed parameter is the role ID, not the role object):

taggedUser0.roles.cache.has('ID Here');

Lastly, to ping someone, you should use this format:`<@${}>`);