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How to hide value in Chart JS bar

i try to hide the value inside the bars of my bar chart. The reason for that is that i placed the value on top of the bars, and the value should not be shown twice.

I tried different options to hide the value but it did not work.

In the following you can see a screenshot, i want to remove the numbers inside the bars.

Image of the bars


Chart.js does not draw any data labels (values) itself by default. You most probably have activated (imported) a plugin such as chartjs-plugin-datalabels that draws these values:

<script src=""></script>

Simply remove the script tag from your code. To disable a global plugin for a specific chart instance only, the plugin options must be set to false.

In the case of chartjs-plugin-datalabels, this would be done as follows:

options: {
  plugins: {
    datalabels: {
      display: false