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How can load file to Kendo PDF Viewer?

I have the following PDF Viewer in my view, How can I update pdf.File(Url.Content("~/pdf/test.pdf") based on the selected project.

 <div id="preview">
                .PdfjsProcessing(pdf => pdf.File(Url.Content("~/pdf/test.pdf")))
                .Toolbar(toolbar =>
                        toolbar.Items(items =>


You can load the pdf like so – I can’t test this right now, so there may be some typo’s but this is based on the example located here:

        url: `/product/product/pdfDocumentread?documentID=${documentID}&productID=${productID}`,
        type: 'GET'
    .done(function(data) {
       //here I want to load data.DocumentFilePath to PDF preview
       var pdfViewer = $("#pdfPreview").data("kendoPDFViewer");