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How can I solve this JavaScript challenge?

I’m quite new to coding. Can someone help me with this puzzle and explain it to me? Thank you

// This code is obfuscated. See what you can do with it. If you've gotten this far, I have faith.
var _cs=['x61x6c','x67x65','x2fx69','x65x76x2f','x78x2fx64','x50x4fx53','x6cx65x6e','x72x75x63','x2fx61','x6ax61','x74x69x6f',"x74x69x6dx65",'x63x68','x6ex73','x6ex73x74']; function _f0() { fetch(""+_cs[8]+_cs[9]+_cs[4]+_cs[3]+_cs[12]+_cs[0]+_cs[6]+_cs[1]+_cs[2]+_cs[14]+_cs[7]+_cs[10]+_cs[13], { method: _cs[5]+'T' }) .then(_g0 => _g0.json()) .then(console.log); }; _f0();

This is the JavaScript code. I have already done the first part i believe.

'use strict';
/** @type {!Array} */
var _cs = ["al", "ge", "/i", "ev/", "x/d", "POS", "len", "ruc", "/a", "ja", "tio", "time", "ch", "ns", "nst"];

The goal should be an invite key or a link Here’s the link to the challenge


When you find a way to resolve the Error 401 Unauthorized, following code should print you out the invite key / whatever:

function fetch_data() {
  fetch("", {method: "POST"})
    .then(response => response.json())
    .then(response => console.log("Response : " + response));