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How can I redirect from one HTML file to another using javascript (the files are local)?

index.html file path: /Users/nixon/Documents/Website Development/Pers Website/index.html

loginpage.html path: /Users/nixon/Documents/Website Development/Pers Website/loginpage.html

let loginButton = document.querySelector("#login")
loginButton.addEventListener('click', reDirectingLoginPage);
function reDirectingLoginPage() {
  window.replace("/Users/nixon/Documents/Website Development/Pers Website/index.html")

—UPDATE AS OF 08/08/2020—

Tried updating the code to this and it still didn’t work. HTML:

button onclick="goToURL" id="login" type="button" class="btn btn-lg btn-dark">Login</button">


function goToURL() {"Users/nixon/Documents/Website Development/Pers Website/loginpage.html")

No errors in console:


[1.0] Your onclick needs parenthesis.

[1.1] You could do an event listener instead. Doing it this way, you’ll omit the parenthesis

[1.2] If you aren’t doing anything else other than loading a new page with the javascript, you don’t need javascript for that. anchor elements are meant for navigating to webpages.

[1.3] replace() is a part of the location object. Not the window. Instead of window.replace() it should be window.location.replace()

[1.4] I had previously mentioned replace, but noticed that this keeps you from being able to use the back button. If you use assign instead, the back button will work normally.

let loginButton1 = document.querySelector("#login1");
let loginButton2 = document.querySelector("#login2");
loginButton2.addEventListener('click', reDirectingLoginPage);
function reDirectingLoginPage() {
// [1.3] and [1.4]
    // window.location.replace("");
  alert("these url assignments aren't working stackoverflow code snippets. This alert proves it's running. Take these to your project and they should work.");
<!-- [1.0] -->
<button id="login1" onclick="reDirectingLoginPage()">Login1</button>
<!-- [1.1] -->
<button id="login2">Login2</button>
<!-- [1.2] -->
<a href="">Login3</a>