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Get column from a two dimensional array

How can I retrieve a column from a 2-dimensional array and not a single entry? I’m doing this because I want to search for a string in one of the columns only so if there is another way to accomplish this please tell me.

I’m using the array defined this way:

var array=[];

At the end the size of this array is 20(col)x3(rows) and I need to read the first row and check the existence of some phrase in it.


You have to loop through each element in the 2d-array, and get the nth column.

    function getCol(matrix, col){
       var column = [];
       for(var i=0; i<matrix.length; i++){
       return column;
    var array = [new Array(20), new Array(20), new Array(20)]; //..your 3x20 array
    getCol(array, 0); //Get first column