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Format a number as 2.5K if a thousand or more, otherwise 900

I need to show a currency value in the format of 1K of equal to one thousand, or 1.1K, 1.2K, 1.9K etc, if its not an even thousands, otherwise if under a thousand, display normal 500, 100, 250 etc, using javascript to format the number?


Sounds like this should work for you:

function kFormatter(num) {
    return Math.abs(num) > 999 ? Math.sign(num)*((Math.abs(num)/1000).toFixed(1)) + 'k' : Math.sign(num)*Math.abs(num)
console.log(kFormatter(1200)); // 1.2k
console.log(kFormatter(-1200)); // -1.2k
console.log(kFormatter(900)); // 900
console.log(kFormatter(-900)); // -900