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Firebase extract name of object

I have a simple question today.

I retrieve data from my firebase database:

const response = await fetch('For pricacy purpose I replaced this link to my firebase database.');
        const resData = await response.json();

Also I log the results in the console, the following text is what I retrieve:

Object {
  "-MPOg49jvG-md0twgj-D": Object {
    "id": 1,
  "-MPTgHoTXzIcY_KpBHkc": Object {
    "id": 2,
  "-MPTgmANDZkMv7f_A9TG": Object {
    "id": 4,
  "-MPTgmc2fuu5XSUawuW7": Object {
    "id": 3,

Now my question: I want to access not the id that is in the objects but rather the “name” of the object itself. If you look at the first element:

“-MPOg49jvG-md0twgj-D”: Object { “id”: 1, }

i want to access this “-MPOg49jvG-md0twgj-D” and store it in a constant but I dont know how to do it. Any idea would be appriciated.


If I’m understanding correctly, you already fetched resData as a JavaScript object and want to get the keys? These are some ways that possibly could help you.

const resData = {
  "-MPOg49jvG-md0twgj-D": {
    id: 1
  "-MPTgHoTXzIcY_KpBHkc": {
    id: 2
  "-MPTgmANDZkMv7f_A9TG": {
    id: 4
  "-MPTgmc2fuu5XSUawuW7": {
    id: 3
// method 1
// method 2
for (const key in resData) {
  console.log(key, resData[key]);
// method 3

Hope this can help, please correct me if I got it wrong.