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Filter Object Array 1 on the basis on 2nd Object Array in Javascript(UnderscoreJS)

I wanted to filter Object Array 1 if it’s object value not exist in 2nd object Array. Non-Intersected values from 2nd array

> aaa = [{id:1, name:"abc"}, {id:2, name:"xyz"}],
> bbb = [{group:1}, {group:4}]
> result should be [{id:2, name:"xyz"}]
_.filter(aaa, function(a){
    return _.find(bbb, function(b){
        return !==;

But the result is using this code is wrong. please help me here


Here is a solution based on underscore. !== -> !== to match your objects’ structure.

Then, !== -> === and negate the find result, to filter your object properly 😉

const aaa = [{id:1, name:"abc"}, {id:2, name:"xyz"}];
const bbb = [{group:1}, {group:4}];
const result = _.filter(aaa, function(a){
    return !_.find(bbb, function(b){
        return ===;
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