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Filter array based on dynamic objects and values in JS

I have an array which contains a list of different objects and I want to be able to re-use the same function to filter different objects and values within the same array.

My array

cocktailList = [
  Object {
    "abv": "24",
    "alcoholic": "true",
    "strength": "medium",
    "type": Object {
      "key": 3,
      "label": "Medium",
      "value": "medium",
  Object {

and I’m calling a function to filter the array passing 2 parameters:

  • the field I want to filter on
  • the value it should filter out

This is my function and the caller

const drinkTypeHandler = (field, value) => {
    const selectedType = cocktailList.filter((cocktail) => cocktail.field === value);
onPress={() => drinkTypeHandler(item.field, item.value)}

The function is picking up the “value” param fine but it is not using the “field” param I’m passing. I tried to pass it as dynamic param as follows but still no success

cocktailList.filter((cocktail) => `cocktail.${field} === ${value}`)

If I hardcode the field value it works

cocktailList.filter((cocktail) => cocktail.type.value === value)


To use a dynamic field name, you have to use square brackets. So you would use:

cocktailList.filter((cocktail) => cocktail[field] === value)

The issue you are going to run into is the nested key / value pairs under type as you can’t use something like type.value with that notation.