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Export a function from a JavaScript file

I am trying to make a component in React that is just a function

import React from "react";
function TableSortFunction(data, method, column) {
  const newList = [];
  for (let i; i <= data.length; i++) {
  console.log(newList), data, method, column;
  return newList;
export default TableSortFunction;

I am importing my function in another component like this

import { TableSortFunction } from "./TableSortFunction";

but I get an error saying:

Attempted import error: 'TableSortFunction' is not exported from './TableSortFunction'.

How do I export a js file that is just a function?


Since you export it as default you have to import it like so:

import TableSortFunction from "./TableSortFunction";

Edit: Another issue with your code is that the following is not syntactically correct.

console.log(newList), data, method, column;

Try this instead:

console.log(newList, data, method, column);