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Embed javascript in markdown

I’m using the Maruku markdown processor. I’d like this

*blah* blah "blah" in [markdown](blah)
<script src=""></script>
<script> stuff...

but it complains when I render it with a multitude of errors. The first one being

| Maruku tells you:
| Could you please format this better?
| I see that "<script type='text/javascript'>" is left after the raw HTML.
| At line 31
|   raw_html     |<script src='' /><script type='text/javascript'>|
|       text --> |//<![CDATA[|

and then the rest seems like the parser is going nuts. Then it renders the javascript into a div on the page. I’ve tried making it a CDATA block and extra spacing between the jquery and my script.



I had this same problem, but I managed to get JavaScript to appear in my code by putting a newline after the opening tag.