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disable click button on submit

I try to update this jquery script in pure js (with bootstrap 5). The goal is to not allow someone to click twice on the payment button. Sorry I am not very strong in js. My goal is to have the same reaction that the jquery script.

I tried to follow the process on this page : Disabling a button in vanilla JavaScript and in jQuery

Thank you

My current script

<form name="checkout_confirmation" action="http://............/Process" method="post" id="checkout_confirmation" role="form" onsubmit="return checkCheckBox(this)"><section class="checkout_confirmation" id="checkout_confirmation">
div class="text-end" id="process_button" class="processButton">
<button type="submit" data-button="payNow" class="btn btn-success">Confirmer la commande avec paiement</button>    </div>
  $('form[name="checkout_confirmation"]').submit(function() {
    $('form[name="checkout_confirmation"] button[data-button="payNow"]').html('Confirm the payment').prop('disabled', true);

Now the script update

    var button = document.getElementById('checkout_confirmation');
    button.addEventListener('submit', function() {
        alert('Confirm the payment');
    button.disabled = false;; // No output
    button.prop("disabled", true);


setAttribute can be used in JavaScript to set the attribute of the button as disabled.

Element.setAttribute("disabled", true);

This can be used to disabled the button.

So when someone clicked on the submit button, you can disable the button till the data is processed.

Check the below demo code:

const btn = document.getElementById("submit-data");
btn.addEventListener("click", submitForm);
function submitForm(){
  btn.setAttribute("disabled", true);
  btn.innerText = "Submitting..";
  let userName = document.getElementById("user-name").value;
  console.log("Name: ", userName);
  setTimeout(() => {
     btn.innerText = "Submit";
  }, 3000);
<form type="POST">
 <label for="user-name">Full Name</label>
 <input type="text" id="user-name" placeholder="Your Full Name" />
 <br /><br /><br />
 <button id="submit-data">Submit</button>