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d3 getting data binding for selection works but when I iterate the selection, it doesn’t work

I tried to remove the circles having the values of top twenty percents & bottom twenty percents.

So I got the data bound to each element by d3.selectAll().data().

However, once I iterate through the elements, it returns an error message saying is not a function why it doesn’t work when I iterate them, while it worked fine when I firstly generated the array?

The code is as below.

function leavingQuarter() {

let years = d3.range(1980, 2022, 1);
years.forEach((t) => {
    let targetYear = d3.selectAll(`.year${t}`);
    let targetYearData =
    let values = [];
    let twenty;
    let eighty;
    for (let year of targetYearData) {
    let ascending = values.sort(d3.ascending);
    let numberofEl = ascending.length;
    let twentyper = Math.floor(numberofEl * 0.2);
    let eightyper = Math.floor(numberofEl * 0.8);
    twenty = ascending[twentyper];
    eighty = ascending[eightyper];
    for (let years of targetYear) {
        // Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: is not a function
        if ( < twenty || > eighty) {
            years.transition().duration(500).style('opacity', 0)


I figured out the reason and want to share the reason with someone who is going to have a similar problem oneday.

The solution for this is using selection.each instead.

I solved the problem with the syntax below.

  targetYear.each(function(t) {
        if ([0].wordcount < twenty ||[0].wordcount > eighty) {
  'opacity', 0)