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Cypress: Using cy.intercept() to check if a call hasnt been made yet?

Using cy.intercept() to intercept (and stub) a couple of network requests (to google tag manager), but would like to test at an early point in my test before I expect them to be called.

How would I test that the 2 routes I’m intercepting haven’t been called yet?



Intercept has a routeHandler section which can be a function

cy.intercept(routeMatcher, routeHandler?)

routeHandler (string | object | Function | StaticResponse)

The function receives the request, and inside that another function can receive the response,
see Intercepting a response

cy.intercept('/integrations', (req) => {
  // req.continue() with a callback will send the request to the destination server
  req.continue((res) => {
    // 'res' represents the real destination response
    // you can manipulate 'res' before it's sent to the browser

so either on the receipt of req or the inner function on receipt of res, set an external flag and test it at one or more places in the test,

// top of the test
let interceptFlag = false;
cy.intercept('/my-route', (req) => {
  interceptFlag = true;
  req.continue((res) => {
    // or here
    interceptFlag = true;
// later in the test
cy.wrap(interceptFlag).should('eq', false);   // not yet intercepted
// something triggers the API call
cy.wrap(interceptFlag).should('eq', true);    // now is intercepted

This is very generalized, if you post some details can be more specific.