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ComponentDidUpdate SetState ReactJS Infinite loop

Even though there are many questions with the same subject line, I could not get an answer for my problem.


I have a select dropdown. On click of which, I call an Api which fetches some key values. I consider this set of key value input fields as a component. So each and every time onChange of my select drop-down, I have used lifecycle methods to handle API Calls. Also, I record these input key values and send back their state to parent component.

According to ReactJS lifecycle methods:

I use

To call the API for the first time after initial render. This works.

To call the API for subsequent API calls on select drop-down change. But here is the problem. When I try to update the state of input fields the program falls into an infinite loop and hence there are infinite API calls. I am pretty sure after debugging that the problem is with setState(), But I couldnt find the best way to handle states in componentDidUpdate method.

This link exactly replicates my problem but i want a standardized solution

Hope this is clear.
Thanks for the help in advance!


Yes you cannot setState() inside componentDidUpdate it would lead to infinite loop.Instead you can call a function onChange event and change the state there.