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Circle getBounds() method fails in Leaflet

I have:

const map ="mapid", {preferCanvas: true});
const circle =[47.6652642, -122.3161248], {
    color: '#ea647f',
    fillOpacity: 0.4,
    radius: 30

but calling getBounds() on circle fails:

const bounds = circle.getBounds();

It fails inside function getBounds in Circle.js which is Leaflet code,
The Leaflet getBounds method code is:

getBounds: function () {
        var half = [this._radius, this._radiusY || this._radius];
        return new LatLngBounds(

Trying to access this._map.layerPointToLatLng fails
I get the error that this._map is undefined
Any ideas?


Please Note:
I also have a polygon defined, and calling the getBounds() on the polygon passes fine and works correctly, shows correctly on the map.
=> It is only the Circle.getBounds() that fails


Add center and zoom to the map.

const map ="map", {center:[47.6652642, -122.3161248], zoom: 16 ,preferCanvas: true});