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Category: Python

Why can’t I write to a text file? Python 3.10

I tried ‘r+’ and ‘w+’ but couldn’t write. I’m not getting any errors. what could be wrong? I had changed the position WITH but nothing changed. I want to write the STRING of the ARTICLE TITLE in a text file. I can write to csv. The error I am seeing now is this. UnicodeEncodeError ‘cp932’ codec can’t encode character ‘u3299’

How to use applymap lambda with two conditions

I’d like to find duplicated rows in a Pandas dataframe. When I use df.duplicated() it returns the following error: TypeError: unhashable type: ‘list’ To resolve this error, I tried the following: However, I receive a new but similar error: “TypeError: unhashable type: ‘dict'” Does anyone know how I can use applymap lambda with two conditions? (the conditions are if isinstance(x,

df.explode() function not working in python

I am facing a weird issue, I have a column name ‘window’ in a data frame and it has a list of values i.e., [3,9,45,78]. I am trying to explode this column using df.explode(‘window’) but this is doing no job. datatype of ‘window’ column is object. I have checked my pandas version it is – 1.3.4 dataframe example Answer Remember

Django dev server no longer reloads on save

I’m developing a simple Django app and things were going great until suddenly the dev server stopped reloading automatically on file change. Now I have to manually restart the server every time I change some Python file, which is pretty annoying. I’ve tried removing my virtual environment and reinstalling Django to no avail so I guess the problem is with

How to create a nest list or a tree view from a flat list based on value condition?

I am working on a problem that given a flat list of strings. But based on the name of the string I would like to create either a nested list, a dictionary or a Node class. Anything that can have a tree structure The string looks something like: [‘big_1’, ‘small_1’, ‘item_1’, ‘item_2’, ‘big_2’, ‘small_2’, ‘item_3’] This should be turned into