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Action doesn’t trigger effect the THIRD time when it runs

Effects runs perfectly on first two dispatch of action but doesn’t trigger on the third time.The solution in Why action doesn’t trigger Effect the second time it runs and @ngrx Effect does not run the second time doesn’t work for me. Here’s the effect:

    getRoomsByRoomsList: Observable<IAction>  = this.actions$.pipe(
        withLatestFrom(, (action, state) => ({state: state, action: action})),
        exhaustMap((pAction: IStateAction) =>
                switchMap((entity: any) => [
                catchError(() => of()),


I also had a similar problem. The issue was with my reducer. In my reducer some error occurred which wasn’t handled, as a result, the effect stopped working.

Could you check if that’s the issue in your case too, if no other solutions worked?